Are you satisfied with your job?

We all know that not everybody is born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth, and some people have to struggle seriously to make ends meet. Are you trying to balance your life or is stress taking its toll on you?

Some people end up working in a sector that is completely different from their original profession or formal qualification, provided they have a source of income. Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with the job you are doing, or do you think it is boring, tedious, etc? Does your job make you unhappy, and you think you deserve something better? Are you looking for another job?

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5 Comments on “Are you satisfied with your job?

  1. Yes, I am a model and I am satisfied with my job. You can look me up and DM me for advert and promo.

  2. I have been jobless for sometime due to corona. It seems the vaccine is for the rich people alone.

  3. My job is not okay at all. I presently work in a hotel by cleaning dishes. I will be very happy if anybody can provide me with a better job. I am from Ghana.

  4. It seems this question was directed at me because I am a trained mechanic but right now I am working as a bus driver. I am not happy with the work because sometimes, the owner of the bus normally shout on me due to minor issues. sometimes I also have problems with some passengers.

  5. With the pandemic cruising around the world, most people have been forced to abandon their profession and do something else to survive. A guy once changed his private school into a poultry after he got hit by the pandemic.


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