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While we are dedicated to helping poor people financially, and our major aim is to give poor people a better life, we also deem it necessary for one to be knowledgeable about what is going on in the world.

latest world news summary

Therefore, we have decided to use a section of our website to keep our members and visitors updated with the latest world news summary.

We shall be writing articles that would be aimed at sampling the opinions of others in the comment section. You may wish to check them out, see comments from others, and let your opinion be heard also.

The recent headline on news media all over the world is the takeover of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan, after which the country was immediately renamed. With regards to human rights, the Taliban and Afghanistan will surely be topics for discussion throughout our generation and the next to come as long as the Taliban remains in power.

In case you are still wondering who is to blame for the situation in Afghanistan, we wrote an article about it and comments are already pouring in.

Racism has no place in this world. See all you need to know about Sarah Baartman’s story and the origin of scientific racism..

Most people say that too much of everything is bad. Every woman wants to be beautiful, but what happens if a woman is too beautiful?

We wrote about some beautiful women who had problems because of their beauty. In the U.S, a woman even got fired by her boss because she was deemed too attractive
and therefore poses a threat to his marriage.

The funniest part of it is that the woman sued his boss for discriminating against her, but the court ruled in favor of the boss. You may wish to check out the article, see the opinions of others about this issue and let us know what you think about it also.

If you think or believe Nigeria is a poor country, you may wish to think again after reading this article about how Nigerian politicians are hoarding and laundering money which is meant to make lives better for the citizens. See how bags of money containing $43.4m, £27,800, and N23.2m were recovered in a house in Nigeria.

Still on Nigeria, one can rightfully say it is a place where everything is possible. A country that produced the largest family in the world. No wonder it is the most populous country in Africa.

Please tell us your opinion on how a man succeeded in marrying 86 women and having 185 children. Stunning figures that can hardly be topped anywhere in the world.

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