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After processing your application, some money will be paid into your account for free. After getting the money paid into your account, you may wish to send us a video of appreciation or a thank-you video and we’ll send you more money within the next two weeks.

In the thank-you video, please introduce yourself with your Name, Age, and Nationality. Let us know how grateful you are for the free money that Helping Poor People Dot Com sent to you. You may let us know how you wish to spend the money.

A nice and elaborate thank-you video will motivate us to send you more money. Please send the thank-you video to one of the following email addresses:

Note that we reserve the right to place any video sent to us on our website and/or our YouTube channel. If you do not consent to this, do not send us any video.


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Please DO NOT give anybody your credit card pin code, your bank account password, your online banking pieces of information, etc. We WILL NOT ask for them also. All we need is your name and your bank account so that we can send you some money.

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