Rejected application

Your application for the Free Money From Germany may have been rejected due to at least one of the following reasons:

1. You are not yet 18 years of age. Sorry! We don’t send money to people below 18.

2. Your email application or video application was not in English language. We process only applications in English.

3. Your email application did not include at least one of the following: your Name, Bank account, Bank name, and telephone number.

4. You applied twice. We strongly urge people to apply ONLY ONCE so that we can reach out to more people.

5. The information in your verification video was not in conformity with your initial email application.

6. Your video verification message was not convincing or elaborated enough, for instance, it did not include the reason why you need financial help.

7. You mentioned your telephone number, your home address, or your bank information in your application video. This is NOT allowed because our visitors may have access to those pieces of sensitive information.

8. Please note that this is a new project, and only poor women all over the world can apply for now. It will soon be made available to every poor person (M/W/D) worldwide. Please bear with us.

If none of the above is applicable to you, please contact us through the email below and your application will be reviewed.

The title or subject of your email should be ‘Application For Review.’

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Please DO NOT give anybody your credit card pin code, your bank account password, your online banking pieces of information, etc. We WILL NOT ask for them also. All we need is your name and your bank account so that we can send you some money.

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2 Comments on “Rejected application

  1. Sorry, i used the same phone number to apply but i did not know that my wife has already applied. we made this mistake because we are sharing thesame phone.

  2. “Sorry! We don’t send money to people below 18.” Does it mean that people below 18 don’t need money? I thought they said there should be equal right for everybody.

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