We know this may sound too good to be true, but it is ACTUALLY TRUE. We are philanthropists in Germany, and we send money directly to poor people for free all over the world. We don’t require you to work for us or do any internet work. Courtesy of Bright Best, aka Happy Daddy.

Please share your thoughts about us and our mission using the emojis below. Thanks!


We are dedicated to helping poor people financially because we want to make a positive, meaningful impact on our society.


Our major aim is to give poor people a better life. See how to apply for the free money.

Many people say “money makes the world go round“ but we say “love makes the world go round.“ See our 5 pages article on “How to make a woman love you.

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They have a high social position, and they are rich from birth, while others are less privileged. There are lots of very rich people in this world. Still, there are others who hardly get something to eat.

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Please, join us in dedicating this website to the rich people who are willing to help the poor. Kudos and shout-out to anybody out there who is willing to help the poor people in society. Let’s make the world a better place for all of us and the future generation.

You may wish to donate to support our mission. Be rest assured that by donating, you’re making a big impact on the lives of poor people. Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page.

Just get in touch with us if you believe you are poor and need some money. We will process your application and send you some money to meet your basic financial needs. There are reasons why we send money directly to poor people.

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Please DO NOT give anybody your credit card pin code, your bank account password, your online banking pieces of information, etc. We WILL NOT ask for them also. All we need is your name and your bank account so that we can send you some money.

If you don't have a bank account or if it is not convenient for you to send us your bank account, you may wish to register with PayPal and send us your PayPal email address.

For further inquiries, see how to contact us. We'll also appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, opinions, experience, issues about life, etc in our comment section.

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  1. I think we all love the things you guys are generally up too. This particular clever work and coverage plus the free money you are sending to poor people. Continue the fantastic work guys. I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

  2. I will be sure to visit this site every day and share the treasures with friends and family. I would also love to give you the details about my long time dream I beagn a few days ago that came from providing for my own babies.

  3. Hello, By now you must have surely heard of the term ‘crypto’ once in your lifetime. All of it yet sounds scary, while also making you feel like you are missing out on something. Safety? Security? Knowledge? Trust? These are many other doubts that may pop into your head. What if there is an all-in-one solution for this?

    1. I am not into crypto currencies but if the so-called all-in-one solution will be of any good to the general public, then it is highly welcomed.

  4. Dear philanthropists, thanks for a job well done. Very soon this web site will be famous among all good loving people due to it’s pleasant contents. Thanks a lot.

  5. Every work of God merits prayer, and this is the work of God. May all those who are willing to help poor people financially or otherwise be blessed in Jesus name. AMEN!

  6. Greetings to you all. I am from Sierra Leone,West Africa. I am a student and I have completed my senior secondary School but I don’t have the financial support to pursue my education in the university. Besides,my parents are illiterates and are now old with no strength to support me; they are not working and they live in a village.

    I need a fund of 4000 United States dollars to engage in farming so that after every harvest I will be able to sell some of the proceeds to pay my University tuition and reserve some for feeding and some on the seed bank for next farming season.

  7. You guys are too much. Thumbs up! This is just like making the world great again, making the world good again, making the world a better place again.

  8. I had registered on this website for money also sent my video but I did not get any help or there is one fake website

  9. This is just like helping people to get greater fulfillment in life because it is not easy to get somebody who is ready to help others in life.

  10. Hi! Me and my grandma need your help my grandma she has been sick so sometimes to have a food to eat is a problem to me and my grandma am going to school, I do some little work for people they pay me went they pay me I just buy some food for my grandma to eat some time I will work for people they will not pay me they will told me come next tomorrow I will pay you, so went that happened that day we will not eat anything at all. My grandma is old she can’t do anything. So today heavy rain comes we have some serious disaster that happen in our room, as you can see in the photo water every where from so waterflow to into our room, so please me and my grandma need a help..?

  11. This is absolutely wonderful. You guys are really making the world a wonderful place to live in. I am doing the same thing in Ghana also. It’s just that some idle people and some youtubers are trying to block me.

  12. Good Day, We will improve your Local Ranks organically and safely, using only whitehat methods, while providing Google maps and website offsite work at the same time.

  13. Good day

    I`m seeking a reputable company/individual to partner with in a manner that would benefit both parties. The project is worth $24 Million so if interested, kindly contact me for clarification.

    1. Dear Donald Cole, I am interested in the project which you made mention of that worth $24 million. We will either invest in caocao production on a very large scale or a rice production farming in Sierra Leone,West Africa.

  14. Thank you for this. I think we should learn to put God first and learn to help others also.

    1. Thanks I wish I could get some to help me for sure am very poor with nothing

  15. This is a nice one. I always welcome anything or idea aimed at helping the poor. Thanks a lot for the kind initiative

  16. Dear Partner;

    I came across your email contact on Database; Where i was searching for a competent Partner who can handle a lucrative business for me as trustee and manager. I anticipate to read from you soon so I can provide you with more details.

  17. Hello Dear, Greetings to you and I hope this email meet at your best, I am working directly with a private family portfolio that can provide funding for credible clients with feasible projects. Currently, we have investment funds for viable projects.

    They are interested in the following: Institution, Library, Hospitals, Green energy, Power projects, Agriculture and Real Estate. They can also partner with your company on other projects of value. The interest rate and tenure are fantastic. Your response is most anticipated if this is of interest to you.

  18. Remember to help the LGBT people also because they also contribute a lot to the society.

  19. I wish other millionaires can follow this footstep because some people ate just too stingy. After all one day we will all pass away and leave the money here on earth.

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  21. I am from Cameroon. I see the very important audio message from helping poor Can you please show us some thank you videos from the people you have sent money to as a proof that this is real? I want to know if you are really sending money to poor people.

    1. @Santos, Of course, we have been sending money to poor people all over the world for years. We’ll be uploading some videos of appreciation soon.

      1. I ran across this site and it is like a dream come true.I have been out of work since the covid lockdown.I developed a medical problem.It has been truely hard on me.I appreciate whatever help that I get.Thank you for your time.

  22. Talking about very good initiatives, this is one of them. Unfortunately, the Power to Improve Lives is not given to those who can administer it very well to make lives better for others.

    1. If Trump is the richest man in the world, he would run mad and start abusing people on the streets.

  23. Is this Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world in disguise and trying to help poor people?

    1. No, it is not Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world in disguise, it is Donald Trump in disguise.

  24. I saw this on Twitter and I am trying to figure out how to apply now. Can anybody help me out?

  25. Some millionaires will prefer to spend their money in going to space where there is absolutely nothing interesting to see. How many rich people care about giving poor people a better life? Thanks for the good job.

    1. I lost my business in lockdown. I’m broke and bankrupt. Please help me. I have huge loan on my head. I have to feed my family. I want to restart my business. Please help me out. Please I’m requesting you to help me. Please🙏 PayPal – @souravcasm

    2. My self subhash chand from india I am very poor person bt I do sumthing big in my life for all poor and sick people I want some financial help then I stabilized a project for needy people and slams children

  26. Share your thoughts below if you have not yet done so. Thanks!

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